Episode 1

Episode 1 (Short = 3 Different parts):

Prologue: The purpose of this episode is to reintroduce everyone back into combat and to showcase the new storyline. The story picks up after the characters are detained by the paladins. The leader of the paladins (insert name) holds up an item, which looks like a fang, that causes everything to go white. Then the players awake in an underground basement, having no idea how they got there.

Part 1:

You awake in a dark room, with poor illumination, there are barrels and boxes everywhere and the dust is thick on the floor and cobwebs are everywhere, nobody has been down here in a very long time. There is a door at the far end of the room with a sliver of light shining from whatever lies beyond it. The light provides the poor illumination and as you look around further, you see that the walls around you are made of rough hewn stone blocks. Your clothes are covered in small pieces of rock and the dust is disturbed by thin pieces of shattered rock at your feet.
You are abruptly ripped from your daze and confusion by a huge explosion coming from somewhere above, which shakes the rafters of the room and sends cascades of dirt from the ceiling all over you. You become aware of muffled voices from outside the door and above you, it seems that many people are running around. As your muscles loosen you need to figure out what is going on.

The PC’s leave the room and exit into a hallway with mirrors on it, there they see themselves for the first time.

You look horrifying at first glance, your hands have become claw-like and fine scales cover your entire body. Your eyes have changed color and have become slits, and your teeth seem to have transformed into sharp fangs. You look extremely predatory, and you notice a small shimmering mark on all of your left arms that resembles a dragon that is missing its wings. You are again shocked out of your stare by another huge explosion that rocks the hallway, there is noise coming from the other end of the hallway through another door, you hear the sounds of battle faintly in the distance.

The PC’s open the door at the far end of the hallway

Part 2:

You open the door to a scene of violence and chaos. A large courtyard in what appears to be a castle is bustling with people, running to a huge wall on the southern end of the courtyard. There are several huge craters in the yard and many holes on some surrounding buildings that appear to have been caused by a Trebuchet. Bodies are everywhere and hundreds lie dying or wounded. Everyone is running around and no one pays you any attention, obviously the castle is under attack. You look to a huge barracks to the north with a statue of two Dragons fighting. The PC’s can try a History check to identify Castle Fintan as a previously thought of ruin There seems to be a commander of sorts, dressed in blue, to the north shepherding peasants and shouting orders.

The PC’s approach the man who notices them and hurriedly runs over

“Everyone to the Northern passages! You there, hurry!”
As he yells to you suddenly a you hear a whine from above.
They all make reflex saves to dodge a huge boulder that kills the captain

As you head North, you see the stream of peasants thickening, though no one will come near you out of fear. Everyone is heading towards a huge gate in the walls that is being held by blue soldiers. As you approach, there is a volley of arrows that cuts down some of the blue soldiers and hundreds of soldiers dressed in brown charge from the forest next to the gate and engage the blue soldiers in combat, there is a path to the north that you can reach if you hurry, but several brown soldiers have drifted form the main melee to attack the peasants. they spot you and excitedly yell, seemingly recognizing you, they suddenly charge towards you screaming for your blood.

After defending against the soldiers

Part 3:

As you run into the forest, the sounds of combat fade until you find a clearing where you all drop exhausted to the ground. The air grows unnaturally silent, the birds stop chirping and all you can hear is your own breathing. Suddenly, an old man appears in the midst of you from nowhere, there are seven canaries circling his head, and he has a hood on that obscures his face, all you can see is his mouth, which is smiling.

The man with canaries introduces himself and describes the following

1. He knows who they are and what happened.

2. Their duties as Cedillas have grown substantially.

3. He will relate to them a way to prevent everything from transpiring.

4. They will need to raise an army to retake the castle.

5. There is a man named Uthman in the town of Greenhaven that will know how to raise an army.

6. They need to hurry, they only have a year before all the repairs on the castle are complete.

The man twitches his hand and two thousand GP appears behind him. He explains that the money can only be used for training their soldiers. He ends their conversation by saying: “Everything you want to know lies within you r own minds, as does the secret to unleashing your powers. If you continue on the path that I set, you will control that power.” In a flash, the man disappears, and a small statue of a golden dragon is left in his place, it will allow you to call on him when needed.


Episode 1

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